Welcome to Profumi di Positano

HALT, STOP!... This is the opening phrase of our family’s first publicity poster. It was the start of the 1920’s and “Zio Giuseppe” was informing the people of the Amalfi and Sorrento Coasts that he had just created a new type of soap based on Olive Oil. For the “Saponificio di Positano” it was not the first or the only type of soap but it was “superior to all the others”, “great quality” and at a price “that didn’t fear competition”. It was a time in which, in a family, a single piece of soap had to be used for personal hygiene and the cleaning of laundry. A time in which the people of Positano brought “Zio Giuseppe” the extra Olive Oil leftover in the jars. A time in which with the simplicity of the methods and the natural, ancient flavours, one could obtain a very unique product, “il Sapone di Positano”.

The “SAPONIFICO”. After the Second World War, Gennaro, nicknamed “Capo Barba”, continued the tradition launching the production of liquid soap and hair dyes. He also opened a factory in Mondragone in the province of Caserta which was much bigger than the one in Positano. After a few years though the nostalgia for his far away family and the homesickness for his birthtown made Gennaro return home, continuing the production where it all began.

PROFUMI PEPPINO POSITANO. Giuseppe Barba and his wife Giuseppina opened their small perfume shop and presented their first fragrance Positano. To that first fragrance lots more would join it and follow throughout the next years, created and developed always following the advise and judgements of all our customers.


Today, over 90 years later, at fourth generation, we go forward with another chapter of our family’s little tradition. We are sure that, as we have done up until now, we can continue writing these new pages together with you.

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